Pavelski snows howard

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Howard and Pavelski's roughing penalties, Game 1 vs Detroit (0-1)


Detroit Red Wing goalie Jimmy Howard gets a snow shower from San Jose Shark Joe Pavelski. Howard doesn't like it too much and hits Pavelski in the back of the head, earning a roughing call but I'm not sure what Pavelski did to earn a roughing as well.

Alexandr Georgiev shattered his stick after missing 6 goals


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Noah J. Anderson NI24 Snows the goalie.


Penalty kill breakout and rush the goalie.

Scrum ensued after Jonathan Quick whacks and holds Sam Carrick's skates


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Sandstorm vs Viewers - Dev Stream Highlight


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Another Retail Box of 19/20, But Series 2!


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Most Memorable Saves From All 31 NHL Teams


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Everblades Nailers Scuffle


A scuffle from the second period of the 11/11/11 game between the Nailers and the Everblades. It was started when Blades d-man Ryan Donald gave Nailers goalie, and Penguins prospect, Patrick Killeen a little snow shower. This was the second time in as many games the Killeen had gone after a Blades player.

Jonathan Quick Goes After Hartnell Following Late Poke


Jonathan Quick Goes After Scott Hartnell Following Late Poke FIght Los Angeles Kings Columbus Blue Jackets

The Rest Of The MVP Hockey Hobby Box


Ripped the rest of the MVP hockey hobby box that I started with Snowyettie. Thank you all for watching and subscribing!!

10-11 Contenders BIN Break


The other camera quit recording before the end of the break, so this is the recording from BlogTv

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History Will Be Made


Crosby's a little bitch

Jonathan Quick gives puck, game away in overtime vs. Blues


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Mats Zuccarello - Zucc's 124 NYR Goals + assists | 2010 - 2019 [HD]


Relive Mats Zuccarello's incredible New York career with every goal and his greatest assists. 2010/2011 - 6 Goals: 0:00 - 5:41 2011/2012 - 2 Goals: 5:42 - 7:30 2012/2013 - 4 Goals: 7:31 - 11:06 2013/2014 - 24 Goals: 11:07 - 32:53 2014/2015 - 15 Goals: 32:54 - 47:27 2015/2016 - 27 Goals: 47:28 - 1:17:24 2016/2017 - 19 Goals: 1:17:25 - 1:43:50 2017/2018 - 16 Goals: 1:43:51 - 2:03:49 2018/2019 - 11 Goals: 2:03:50 - 2:16:17 All shootout goals: 2:16:18 - 2:37:01 The Hobbit's greatest assists: 2:37:02 - 3:08:18 ZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUC

Tim Thomas Tribute


Tim Thomas had been traded from the Boston Bruins to the New York Islanders. I made this video as a tribute to one of the team's best goaltenders ever who no one thought had a chance at ever even playing a single NHL game. He probably won't be remembered the way he should be due to recent events, but I'll remember him as the goalie in this video. Unstoppable. TAGS: NHL Boston Bruins Montage Milan Lucic Patrice Bergeron Brad Marchand Tyler Seguin Zdeno Chara Tim Thomas Tuukka Rask Marty Turco Gregory Campbell Shawn Thornton David Krejci Nathan Horton Chris Kelly Benoit Pouliot Jordan Caron Zach Hamill Steven Kampfer Greg Zanon Dennis Seidenberg Andrew Ference Adam McQuaid Dougie Hamilton Daniel Paille 2011 Lord Stanley Cup Champions Anaheim Ducks Bobby Ryan Getzlaf Corey Perry George Parros Cam Fowler Lubomir Visnofsky Buffalo Sabres Ryan Miller Paul Gaustad Patrick Kaleta Calgary Flames Jarome Iginla Carolina Hurricanes Jeff skinner Eric Staal Chicago Blackhawks Kane Sharp Toews Marian Hossa Crawford Colorado Avalanche Matt Duchene Columbus Blue Jackets Rick Nash Dallas Stars Ryder Jamie Benn Ribeiro Detroit Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk Zetterburg Todd Bertuzzi Niklas Lidstrom Johan Franzen Howard Edmonton Oilers Nugent-Hopkins Taylor Hall Jordan Eberle Nail Yakupov Florida Panthers Jose Theodore LA Kings Los Angelas Anze Kopitar Dustin Brown Upset Jonathan Quick Minnesota Wild Setoguchi Montreal Canadiens Carey Price Max Pacciorety Nashville Predators Pekka Rinne Radulov New Jersey Devils Parise Kovalchuk Henrique Calder Trophy Islanders Tavares Parentau Rangers Lundqvist Gaborik Richards Ottawa Senators Alfredsson Spezza Turris Michalek Philadelphia Flyers Giroux Briere Hartnell Bryzgalov Carter Phoenix Coyotes Hanzal Smith Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney Crosby The Kid 87 Evgeni Geno Malkin Jordan Marc-Andre Fleury MAF Le Magnifique Mario Lemeiux Wayne Gretzky Bobby Orr Patrick Roy San Jose Sharks Joe Pavelski Marleau Couture St. Louis Blues Halak Elliot Oshie Peron Tampa Bay Lightning Stamkos Stammer Martin Lecavlier Vincent Toronto Maple Leafs Kessel Connolly Kadri Reimer Phaneuf Vancouver Canucks Sedin Twins President's Kesler Burrows Bites Fingers Luongo Roberto Bobby Lu Schneider Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin Ovie Great 8 Gr8 Semin Backstrom Green Vokoun Holtby Holtbeast Winnipeg Jets Wheeler Evander Oduya Byfuglien Enstrom National Hockey League USA Canada

2015-16 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection 5Box Case Team Break #3 (9-7-16)


2015-16 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection 5Box Case Team Break #3 (9-7-16) - Captured Live on Ustream at 🤍

NHL: Goalie Penalties


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Quick save on Marchand Jan 25 2014


Jonathan Quick save on Brad Marchand

Reporter Dances with Octopus!!!


This is a piece I shot and cut during last year's Stanley Cup Finals in Pittsburgh. Wholey's fish market in Pittsburgh was well known for not selling octopi to Michigan residents going back to the year before when Detroit and Pittsburgh met in the 2008 Cup Finals. Fox 2's Ryan Ermanni did the story the first year, and then he decided he would try again this past year. However we were unsuccesful, so then we just said screw it, and we offered up some cash.

1 in 3456 Packs? 30 Loose Hockey Card Packs: 2005-06 and 2014-15 Series 1, Crown Royale, Artifacts


Today I opened up 30 loose packs of hockey cards. 1 pack of 2015-16 Artifacts, 4 packs of 2005-06 Upper Deck Series 1, 10 packs of 2011-12 Panini Crown Royale, and 15 packs of 2014-15 Upper Deck Series 1. One rare card emerged from the break, but, what will the "Irbe Bobblehead of Judgement" proclaim? If you don't have time for the entire journey, the recap begins at 17:35.

NHL Goalie Penalties


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Valtteri Filppula avoids Brent Burns cheap shot elbow to the head


Detroit Redwings vs San Jose Sharks

Goalie rj shooting


My goalie shooting picks with pro stock rs

THE Collection Part 6--Showroom B Sports and Non-Sports Action Figures


Next we move to Showroom B of my home (small guest bedroom). Part 6 of the video covers all the Action Figures that are in Showroom B, which were acquired between the years 2012 through the present (2019-2020). There are more SportsPicks (McFarlane) and Sports-Related Figs in the room to view from all four sports, as well as more Non-Sports Action Figs. Showroom B contains more of the same type of Non-Sports Figs as Showroom A (Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc) as well as some Horror Film and Movie Figures (NECA/MEZCO), 3 3/4" Funko Re-Action Figures, and a bevy of other types of Action Figures. All types of figures to see hereRegs, Chases, Exclusives, Promo Figs, Box Sets, etc.

The Aviator at the University of Virginia


The Aviator Statue (modeled after the Greek myth of Icarus) was designed by Gutzon Borglum to honor a University of Virginia alum who was shot down by German fighter planes in WW1.

Histoire d'horreur pour NE PAS dormir (Livre audio FR)


⚠️ATTENTION⚠️ Pour éviter le divulgâchage (les spoils) je vous recommande de ne pas consulter les commentaires avant d'avoir terminé l'histoire ! "Dans la nuit impénétrable, sous la neige, nous errons. On voit que c'est le diable qui nous fait tourner en rond." - Alexandre Pouchkine. Lu, écrit et monté par le Stryge. * Chapitrage (pour les perdus voulant s'y retrouver) : Chapitre 2 : 7:32 Chapitre 3 : 12:24 Chapitre 4 : 18:02 Chapitre 5 : 23:03 Chapitre 6 : 27:38 Chapitre 7 : 32:59 Chapitre 8 : 39:26 Chapitre 9 : 45:29 Chapitre 10 : 51:49 Chapitre 11 : 58:24 Chapitre 12 : 1:04:27 Chapitre 13 : 1:10:12 Chapitre 14 : 1:17:50 Chapitre 15 : 1:24:34 Chapitre 16 : 1:31:23 Chapitre 17 : 1:38:47 Chapitre 18 : 1:44:43 Chapitre 19 : 1:50:16 Chapitre 20 : 1:56:38 Chapitre 21 : 2:03:05 Chapitre 22 : 2:11:49 Chapitre 23 : 2:21:10 Chapitre 24 : 2:29:30 Chapitre 25 : 3:36:21 _ //AVERTISSEMENT\\ Les éventuelles publicités présentes sur la vidéo ne sont pas de mon fait et, cas échéant, j'en déplore profondément la présence. Je vous invite à utiliser un bloqueur pour en être dispensé ! Musiques utilisées pour les transitions : KYPCK - 1917 KYPCK - Байкал KYPCK - Сталинград KYPCK - Мне отмщение Autres musiques utilisées créditées en fin de vidéo. Crédits photos/vidéo : INTRO : Смелые люди, FIN : Кавказская пленница, или Новые приключения Шурика Chapitre 1: 🤍 Chapitre 2 : 🤍 Chapitre 3 : Barbed wire fence and guard tower at a disused Stalinist convict camp, Siberia, Russia, 1989. Photograph: FPG/Getty Images Chapitre 4 : ? Chapitre 5 : lonely_free_ranger from Chukotka Chapitre 6, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17 : Jimmy Ryan - Pripyat Drone Footage, Chernobyl in Snow (January 2016) Chapitre 7 : ? Chapitre 8 : Siobhan Purcell - Kolyma Highway 'Road of Bones' Winter January 2017 Chapitre 10 : ? Chapitre 13 : 🤍 Chapitre 14 : 🤍 Chapitre 18, 22, : Elena Chernyshova Chapitre 19 : Christophe Jacrot Chapitre 20 : 🤍 (tirée du jeu Syberia 2) Chapitre 21 : 🤍 Chapitre 23 : Masqué pour le suspens (pour l'instant) Chapitre 24 : Masqué pour garder le suspens (pour l'instant) Chapitre 25 : Masqué pour garder le suspens (pour l'instant)

HUGE Xmas gift from G4WebbHead ◆Thanks CHRIS!!(^o^)丿!!


Happy holiday season!! This is vid no.126. Just received the huge gift from one of my best firiends in USA! Unbelievable mailday........(●^o^●)!!! Pls do no forget to visit his awesome site ⇒ 🤍 Thank you Chris for doing this for me! SATOKEN From Tokyo,Japan

Hobbybox604 MAIL DAY SPECIAL from Steven Connolly


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2019/20 Upper Deck Fatpack Opening! Series Two Vs MVP!!


Today I opened two fatpacks of series two and MVP Hockey cards! Hope you guys enjoyed! Make sure to like and Subscribe!!

Jonathan Quick Robbing Kesler. Los Angeles Kings vs Vancouver Canucks 4/11/12 NHL Hockey


Jonathan Quick Robbing Ryan Kesler. Los Angeles Kings vs Vancouver Canucks 4/11/12 NHL Hockey

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